Q&A Sunday: Post #2



What do you think would be the most unlikely friendship that Dark would have with one of the Iplier Egos? And can you figure out how it might actually work?

Example: I think a friendship between Dr. Iplier and Dark would be unlikely, as Dark is ultimately self-serving and the Doctor makes it his life’s work to help others. But Dark might admire Dr. Iplier’s dedication to his craft and careful attention to his patients, and would learn much about human biology from the good doctor. Dr. Iplier would initally remain friendly to keep the peace, but would develop a grudging respect for Dark’s single-minded focus on His goals.

100% Dark and Jim. How it’d work: Dark, after realizing that the Jims are actually the oldest ego, cautiously asks them what they know about Mark. The Jims are ecstatic! Nobody’s ever asked for old footage before! They happily supply a boatload of information. Dark starts to rely on them, asking them to ask Mark questions and find old events. The Jims love having a goal. Slowly, their reliance turns into an odd friendship, which is solidified after Dark agrees to do an interview. Dark has a lot of respect for the Jims’ dedication towards reporting and skill at finding information, even if they’re bad at interpreting it, and Jims just love sharing what they find.

They’d eventually informally adopt Him as “Dark Jim”. And Dark is unable to explain why He’s pleased by that.


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