Q&A Sunday: Post #4



If Dark Chica (aka Choco) didn’t exist, what kind of pet do you think Darkiplier would have?

Example: I think He’d have a cat. Not a domesticated cat, though. One of the BIG cats, like a white Bengal tiger, maybe. They’re gorgeous, but can kill you in an instant.

Do people count as pets?

But yeah, some kind of big cat, either a white tiger like you suggested or a panther. Something sleek and gorgeous and definitely dangerous. Or maybe a huge snake, one of the big constrictor types that are like, six feet long. He keeps it either curled at his feet or draped across his shoulders.

Ooh, a boa constrictor is a good one, too. Some constrictors can really get huge, and can eat just about anything.


Of course, Voldemort had a pet snake too, so it’s a good pet for a bad guy. And the snake’s a symbol of temptation, as well, so… multiple angles of awesome, there.


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