Q&A Sunday: Post #5



Who do you ship Dark with and why? If you don’t, why not?

Example: I ship Dark with Peevils – the demonic version that originated from the fanbase as a compliment to Him. I can’t really put my finger on why, beyond the chemistry that Mark and Amy have in their real-life relationship. I would just love to see how that would translate to their more malicious counterparts.

Nobody. Partly because I neither like nor know how to write a relationship, and partly because of how I see Dark. A non human entity devoid of the softer human emotions like love and concern. It’s hard for me to see Dark caring about anyone, because that, in a way, gives them power over you, and he is always in control.

That’s perfectly fine, and your interpretation is as valid as anyone else’s. And I can see your point. Dark’s self-centered and manipulative, which doesn’t really translate into the finer feelings. 

I can actually see no-ship Dark potentially using sex as just another means to manipulate someone; a someone who has a physical attraction to Him, whether or not they’re emotionally attached to another already. He doesn’t necessarily care about sex, but it’s another way to get what He wants.

(Celine was an adulterer after all and, if you prefer to take WKM as canon, she did influence the creation of Dark.)


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