Q&A Sunday: Post #6



If you had to make a deal with Dark, what would you ask for?

Example: I’d never want to make a deal with Him but, if I absolutely had to, I’d ask for the ability to protect my loved ones. I wouldn’t leave their safety in His hands, but keep it in mine.

(I thought I’d roll out a tougher question, for those of you who want some deeper thoughts today.)

I’d say no deal is without it’s consequences – Dark seems like the type to grant a wish but have it backfire in some spectacular way, much like a genie and it’s wishes.

That being said… I’d say wishing for my own limitless power. I could use it for anything I want, to protect those I love and provide every creature comfort I could think of.

Which would be all well and dandy in the beginning. I’m happy, my loved ones are happy, I don’t feel threatened.

And that’s where things would start to… slip, I think. The world suddenly looks different and it’s harder to satisfy my cravings. Food and drinks don’t taste /enough/ and something about the way people look at me is /aggravating/. It feels better to withdraw and I start to think I’m /above/ others. No one else (well, save for Dark) has these powers. No one /else/ could possibly be my equal.

And it all spirals out so quickly until I’m left with myself and my “powers”, so far removed from my loved ones that I don’t quite remember what I was from before. What happened to the young woman who just wanted to write a best selling novel and lavish her future spouse with love? The girl who loved archery and horse back riding, and just wanted to be comfortable?

But that’s how I’d see it!

Of course. Dark is like one of the original djinn – one of the bad ones, that is.

And the last person who asked for unlimited power, from someone who had the power to grant wishes? Got turned into a genie and trapped in a lamp, so…


Yeah, you don’t wanna be like that guy.


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