The schedule for Darktober:

Q&A Sunday – I ask questions on your Darkiplier headcanons, and you give your answers. (You can also suggest questions, too!)

Music Monday – Time to ‘fess up to what tunes remind you of the O.G. of Darktubers Himself.

Theory Tuesday – A chance to unburden yourself of all your theories, no matter how out-there they might be.

Wacky Wednesday – Bring forth your Darkiplier memes, incorrect quotes, shitposts and assorted silliness! 😀

Throwback Thursday – We’ll enjoy some classic Dark together… for awhile, anyway.

Fanworks Friday – Offer up fresh fic and art or reblog your old favourites.

Poetry Slam Saturday – From Haikus to epic poems, spin tales of our favourite demon in style!

If you’re reblogging faves you want to spotlight or making posts on your own tumblr, – basically anything that you want to include in the Darktober festivities – make sure to use the tag #darktober 2017, so I’ll be able to see it.

(I’m not gonna cling to the schedule like lichen to the proverbial stone, BTW. It’s just there to give some semblance of structure. You can reblog and submit stuff at any time.)


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