A soft headcanon I have for Dark is that whenever He needs to just de-stress He pets and cuddles with Chico, an unlikely relationship I see is Dark and Silver Shepard as the former is a Hellgod and the latter is a Hero kinda odd friendship huh? If He didn’t have Chico I can see Dark with a Dire Wolf like from Game of Thrones or a black lion either one works for Him to me

You got about half of the questions from yesterday in one fell swoop. I like your style. πŸ˜€

Cuddling with Dark Chica (aka Choco) is the perfect de-stresser. Puppers and kitties always make me feel better, too.

A villain and a hero being friends would definitely be unlikely. But it could work if it were in the Worthy Opponent sense. πŸ™‚

Direwolves are truly badass… and they were an actual existing creature on Earth, prehistorically, but went extinct about nine thousand years ago. They were also roughly the same size as the modern-day Yukon wolf and the Canadian timberwolf. So they weren’t actually as big as the GoT Direwolves.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Choco turned out to be part-Direwolf. I have little doubt Dark has a thing for rare, exotic, commonly misunderstood, and extinct-in-our-world animals.


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