Darktober Day 1 wraps!

This celebration started with a bang, and I have you guys to thank for it. Your participation has been amazing, and I look forward to the rest of the week with you guys!

However, there’s one thing I gotta get out of the way, first…

I just found out my home internet is gonna get spotty during this week, so I’m gonna be using public wi-fi spaces (mostly the local library) to continue hosting through the week. This shouldn’t affect you guys too much, as I’ll be queuing up more posts tonight.

But just so you know, if I don’t answer your comments immediately, I’m not ignoring you – I just don’t have access right that second. But, like I said, it won’t really affect you guys… just me. I’ll still be on every day. No worries; I got this.


Tomorrow is Music Monday, so turn up that old Victrola, pump up the volume on that stereo, or double-click that mp3 on your iTunes and give your favourite jams another listen. It’s almost time for you to tell me what songs remind you of Mr. Tall, Dark and Sharply-Dressed.

And, just to remind you, you can continue to respond to the previous days’ posts through the rest of the week, if you like. The schedule is to give myself some structure, not to limit your creativity.

I’ll see you… in the next post… Buh-bye! 😀


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