(Back at it again with the weird theories nobody asked for)

So Mark has stated that Dark doesn’t obey the laws of physics. As someone who’s almost entire life right now revolves around learning the laws of physics, this is very intriguing to me. So what laws exactly is Dark breaking, and can these help explain his appearance and possible powers? Several theories follow

1) He’s massless

This one is possibly the most interesting to me because it throws the most out the window. Mass is a fundamental property of matter, so what would it even mean to have massless matter? Forces don’t work the way they’re supposed to, gravity may not work as all. Friction, energy, everything we know about the world thrown out the window. Interacting with him would be incredibly off putting, as he would move in a way that doesn’t make any sense to us (as we’ve seen). This could also help explain his glitching and 3D effect appearance, as who knows what it would look like to have light interacting with something that both is and isn’t there, as well as how he would be able to puppet a human body – he can occupy the same space as matter because he’s not actually matter. 

2) He has some kind of control over light

Again, a personal favorite. So much of our perception of the world around us relies on sight. Control that, and how easy would be to manipulate people? This would, again, explain the glitches and effects, although now it frames them as a choice – a tactic to intimidate us. Or perhaps he’s still getting use to portraying himself as human (a different take on puppeting a human body), and the glitches and effects are proof of the fact that he’s still learning. This also explains how he’s able to perfectly imitate Mark in the Chocolate ending of ADWM, but it doesn’t last very long. He’s still working on appearing like a normal human. This also makes him a terrifying enemy. He could make you see anything, believe him to be anything. I don’t however, have any physic-y explanation for how Dark would be able to do this (sorry, I’m only a second year physics student and light is weird)

3) Some weird stuff about the wave nature of matter

Sort of a combination of the last two, as well as some weird theoretical stuff that I’m much less familiar with, but what I understand boils down to this. Light acts as both a particle and a wave, but it turns out that all matter actually has this dual property. But by the time to get to anything big enough to actually observe, the wave is so infinitesimally small that it does’t matter. So what if Dark keeps this wave nature even at the size of a normal person? Essentially, he would be made of light (but not actually light, just matter that acted like light). He both would and wouldn’t have mass, as well as would and wouldn’t physically exist. Travel near or at the speed of light, allowing him to appear to exist in multiple places at once (a possible explanation for glitching). Beyond that, I don’t know, this is weird and theoretical and way above my pay grade.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now, I might come back to this later if I get any more ideas (throws this post out into the wild seas of tumblr with my blessing).

Bringing this back for Darktober!

Light manipulation is still a favorite of mine, plus, with a little more studying, I have a few possibilities for the how.

1) Manipulation of electromagnetic fields

So, light is an electromagnetic wave, composed of fluctuating electric and magnetic fields. If you could control the strength and direction of those fields, you could control light. This would also give you the additional control of any electric device, which, in the hands of a being like Dark, is a fascinating and terrifying idea. It could also explain the glitches. They don’t happen in real life, but are a consequence of being filmed.

2) Manipulation of charged particles

Light begins somewhere, and that somewhere is the vibration of electrons. Control those vibrations, and you control light. While field manipulation is more elegant, I lean towards this explanation, because it allows me to throw in sound manipulation as well (air particles vibrating is the basis of sound), and with all the ringing and voice effects, it seems likely that’s a power Dark has as well.


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