Many Worlds Theory

This is more of a ramble rather than a full fledged theory but hear me out. You know the many worlds theory right? It’s the theory that there’s a different world for every single possibility life could take.

For example, you woke up this morning and had to decide what to eat for breakfast, cereal or toast. You chose cereal, and continued to live in the world where you chose cereal, but there’s a separate dimension out there where you chose toast instead.

That means, in Mark terms, that there’s a world where he never did youtube, there’s a world where he pursued engineering and got really successful from that, and there’s a world where he pursued it and got nowhere. There’s a world for every single other girl (or hell, other guy) that he could have dated other than Amy. There’s a world where he died from that heart attack he had a few years back. There’s a world where he was never born. And, kinda like these new videos he’s been releasing, there’s a world where everything is the same exept Mark’s a vlogger instead of a let’s player.

If Dark really wants to get revenge on every single version of Mark there is, then he’s got his work cut out for him, because there’s a different version of Mark for every single decision he made in his 28 years of life, and a Mark for all the decisions he didn’t make.

This is just a ramble but it’s inspired by @monochromemedic and a few other theories that have been floating around. Tagging some peepos that might find this interesting.






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