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I’ve done my part (twice, and I’ll probably go for a third, eventually). Now it’s your turn to ‘fess up to what tunes remind you of the O.G. of Darktubers Himself.

What songs do you think He’d listen to? What songs have lyrics that sound like a page taken from His life story? What songs have that vibe of a Big Demon Mood?

Come on and tell me. Tell the world what’s on your Darkiplier playlist.

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After looking back on WKM, there are a couple songs from the web series RWBY that strangely remind me of Darkiplier. I’ll list them down below and provide lyric excerpts that seem to fit him. 

– “I’m the One” – Volume 3 [4 – ”Lessons Learned”]

“I’m the one
I’ll race with your eyes and you’ll never outrun
Will conquer your mind and will make you fulfill my design.”

– “Mirror Mirror (Prologue)” Volume 5 [Weiss Trailer]

“(and) In its place there’s nothing, just an endless empty hole
The light that shown the way is gone and darkness takes control
Bitterness and anger are quick to fill the Void
The path to isolation is littered with the dreams that they destroyed…”

“Enemies surround me but the worst appear as friends
Liars and pretenders only seek to reach their ends.
Everything is breaking right before my eyes
Looking in the mirror, I see someone that I don’t recognize.”

I’d also like to share “March of Mephisto” from Kamelot (might have mentioned that in a TGS Q&A video), as that particular song has lyrics that make him sound like he wants you to trust him when we really shouldn’t. Plus, the vocalist can express a lot of different tones, fitting the complexity of Dark’s character.

“You know just who I am
Don’t be so distant
Cause when you’re lost
I am solely there to share your grief.

“Wailing your sorrow
Is only my way to comfort you
Reminders of innocent youth
Waiting for morrow you’re lonely
I name your solitude
I speaketh the truth

“Now tell me all about your pain
Down to the detail
Don’t say it’s love
Your fragile heart feeds my contempt.”

Ooh mine are some interesting choices

This one kinda fits Dark in my opinion but I think it’s because of the fact I love Evanescence so a few songs may make the list:

Evanescence- Lithium

Now this one, I always imagine that I’m floating around in a dark void, but I’m not alone: 

Evanescence- Haunted

This song, I imagine that Dark is slowly approaching me and then wrapping his arms around me in a protective embrace. Hey, manipulator or not, I’ll always feel safe in his arms:

Evanescence- Imaginary

Damn. Seems like all of my songs are gonna be Evanescence. Ah well, this one was a bit tricky but since the fact someone already made a video with Dark in it I feel like it needs more attention to it:

Within Temptation- A Dangerous Mind

I had included “Haunted” and “A Dangerous Mind” in my Dark song recs post awhile ago. 🙂


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