Theory Tuesday



Now, on Day 3 of the Darktober fest, you have a chance to unburden yourself of all your theories, no matter how “out there” they might be. 

All comers welcome to this judgment-free zone!

You can either send it in a brief ask, or submit a longer post to me. If you wish to post it on your tumblr instead, use the #darktober 2017 tag so I can see it.

My favorite Dark headcanon is about his relationship with the Host. I don’t think he saved a dying Author for the price of his eyes, because I really don’t see what he’d get out of blinding him; I think the Author used his power to save himself, but ruined his eyes in the process through psychic burnout. But that’s not the headcanon.

The headcanon is that, between Dark’s habits of manipulating and the Host just generally being a trolling asshole, the two of them wind up egging each other on like a pair of juvenile delinquents. The results tend to be less “vandalism” and more “driving bystanders to madness”, and that’s when they’re competing. When they’re collaborating?

The process looks a lot like a couple of fandom buddies sharing angsty headcanons, except it’s things they actually intend to make happen.


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