Darktober’s Day 3 is done for!

And so, we’re saying goodbye to the third day of the Darktober fest. Did you enjoy sharing and reading each other’s theories? I definitely loved hearing your headcanons. You’re such clever little beans!

Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday. As we hit the mid-week slump IRL and are in desperate need of relaxation from the daily grind, this is the perfect time to get a little nutty. So get ready to bring forth your Darkiplier memes, incorrect quotes, shitposts and assorted silliness! 😀

Also, a not-so-quick reminder: You can still reply to the previous days’ posts tomorrow. My announcements of the end of a day don’t mean that the older stuff is “locked down.” This is for you guys, for us, and I don’t want to place any hurdles against your creative instincts and enjoyment. The important thing is that you’re having fun so far. (And, if you’ve missed it due to time zone issues, I’m more than happy to reblog early tomorrow before Day 4 officially starts… provided my internet access doesn’t act up yet.)

And as always, I’ll see you… in the next post. Buh-bye! 😀


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