Darktober’s Day 4 has ended!

Okay, so it seems Wacky Wednesday didn’t go over quite as well as the previous days. And it’s okay; I get it. It’s the middle of the week and y’all are tired due to IRL responsibilities. It sucks, I know.

But tomorrow might be the cure for what ails ya. It’s gonna be Throwback Thursday where, just like the weekly occurrence of the same name on Facebook, we’ll be taking a gander at the older (read: prior to ADWM) videos with Darkiplier. I’ll post up the videos here on my tumblr, and you’re free to share what you think of them. Just whatever comes to mind when you see them.

Like always, this remains a judgment-free zone. And I will see you… in the next post. Buh-bye! 😀


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