October of Terror Ends

Released on October 31, 2012, this video acknowledges the end of his October of Terror livestreaming. Here, Mark employs more special effects editing than previously seen in his work, and narrates in a deeper and raspier voice.

The description of the video includes the line: “You’re free from the torment of the October of Terror… you’re safe now… with me…

Happy Halloween!”

I don’t know how on purpose it is, but I like that our current Dark has some callbacks to these videos, such as the glitching form and general sound effects

I think it’s entirely on purpose. 

Mark said in his February livestream that he went back through his Darkiplier/creepy video bits, as he was working on A Date with Markiplier. When he had realized Youtube doesn’t allow the same video to be linked four times while working on the Horror section, he had to select three other videos to fill the “four choices” Dark offers us.

And, of course, he loves his fans, so naturally he’d want to give us that little visual/aural consistency as a treat. 🙂


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