I am excited for today’s Many wonderful posts! This week has been filled with wonderful content, thank you for taking the time to do this and put it all together.



You’re very welcome! It’s been a lot of work to put together, but I’ve enjoyed it so far, and I’m grateful for the responses I’ve gotten.

Got any recs you’d like to share today? 🙂

Anything under this https://theglitchedsystem.tumblr.com/tagged/dark from @ellynore-moonwood ! The most Amazing VA for Darkiplier I know. 

A few of my favorites are; 

PROPER PRECAUTIONS, (Just to funny!)


DOUBLE DOSE OF DRINKING WITH DARK. (Drunkiplier is best Iplier)

MARKS AND CUDDLES. (Even a Hellgod has to keep his agreements!)

LET ME TAKE YOUR BURDENS AWAY…  (This one ALWAYS helps me focus)

COMFORT FOR THE CRYING. (This was my first experience with TGS and Ellynore’s Dark and it helped me though a very hard time I was having in my life. I wouldn’t trade finding it for anything in the world!)

Then there is This, cause why not add my own small shitpost. 


He noms! XD

Ellynore’s great. 🙂

And I like your vamp!Dark image!


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