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word count  ☆ 1,879

prompt  ☆  the river – blues saraceno. i own no rights to the song or the band.

warning  ☆ this is not fluff, there is no romance between dark and the reader, though it is a reader insert. this imagine deals with deals with the devil, satan, etc. if you’re offended by any of these, please do not read this.

requested  ☆ yes :* by anon

The Devil has come to carry me home,

Lay me at the bottom of the river.

She had known this was coming for a while now, at this point, it was just watching the seconds tick by with agonizing slowness as she waited for her ultimate demise. Every clock in her house seemed to be so loud, the clicking noise echoing through each room in the house. It taunted her like it knew what was waiting for her when her time was up.

After living in luxury for the past ten years with a flourishing career, it was all catching up to her as she was reminded why she was in this situation, to begin with. By no means had she made this life for herself, starting from humble beginnings had gotten her nowhere in life and she chose the only option she thought to be reasonable. Even if it had numbered the years left on her life, at least she got a kick out of the lackluster future she was destined to have.

Only, she had never gotten the opportunity to enjoy it like a regular person would. She physically and mentally had no capacity to, every emotion had been drained out of her body and she was incapable of feeling any emotion. After selling her soul to that red eyed demon, there was nothing left for her other than the riches and success she had pleaded for oh so long ago. For once, this didn’t faze her and she was quite honestly ‘glad’ that she could no longer feel the fear that would be weighing down on her.

Now it was just playing the waiting game, waiting for the twisted man that caused all of this to happen to her. It was really her fault, but for the sake of her own sanity she would never admit it out loud. There was something comforting about putting the blame for your own suffering on someone else, even if your subconscious constantly reminded you in a shrill tone that it was all your fault.

So here she was now, pacing the living room while impatiently waiting for the bastard to turn up and take her to wherever she was getting dragged down to. Her mind was racing, trying to remember every single moment that lead up to this one, or how she could’ve changed it all. Maybe she could’ve been more patient, but she was in a desperate state and confided in some old friend who lead her to that crossroads.

That was the last thing she could remember, her life beforehand had disappeared entirely from her memory.

She didn’t feel alone here, though it was dead silent and the road leading here had been empty for the past four miles. Everyone seemed to be avoiding this place, hell, it was like no one even knew it was here. It was a crossroads, gravel covering where the road once was. There was an ominous feeling that settled over her as she walked to the center, using her bare hands to dig into a hole that had been covered and uncovered a million times before.

A metal box was beside her, opened as she was constantly rechecking that everything was in there. Graveyard dirt caked in at the bottom while the bone of a black cat and a picture of herself laid on top of it. She closed the box for the last time, setting it into the hole and taking a hesitant breath as her hand hovered over the gravel.

There was still the option to leave. She could grab the box and drive away, nothing would happen and she would be safe from the evils she was going to get into. At what cost, though? She would be unhappy, and her life would be as meaningless as she always knew that it was. Staying would be selfish.

But God, it wasn’t a secret that Y/N L/N only cared about herself.

She recovered the hole and waited until a howling wind pierced through the silence and a suited man stood in front of her.

“Hello, darling,” his eyes looked like molten lava, glowing red pits that stared into her very soul, “you called?”

“I want to be successful. I want to be rich off of the work I do,” she felt the eyes of millions on her as she spoke, their judgment weighing down on her though it was only this demon and her on the crossroads. He was making her nervous, and it seemed to be very purposeful as the grin he adorned was spreading each time a shiver ran down her spine.

“And what do I get for giving you this?” he hummed, rocking on his heels with his hands intertwined behind his back. She shivered again, holding her jacket tighter around herself like it would protect her.

“Me,” Y/N choked out.

“Pleasure doing business with you, love,” he stepped closer, making her shrivel back until she jumped away.

“Wait, what if I don’t want to do this anymore?” She scratched the back of her neck and he rolled his eyes in return, closing them and pinching the bridge of his nose before stalking up to her. Y/N tried to run but ended up cornered against the side of her own car.

“Then you’ll be just as useless as everyone always said you were. You’ll be the disappointment you always thought yourself to be, and you’ll continue to disappoint everyone who you’ve ever known. You don’t want your entire life to be a complete failure, do you?” his voice started being harsh but it got soft at the end as he placed a hand on her shoulder, “you can be everything your family ever wanted you to be. Sweetheart, you’ll be the shining figure that your family and friends look up to. You’ll have everything you ever wanted, I just need your soul.”

Y/N was faded into his touch, her head was pounding from the ringing sound that filled the air. She felt desperate to touch him in every way possible and it was driving her insane that she couldn’t. The hand on her shoulder was comforting, lulling her into a sense of security that was trapping her.

“I don’t know.”

“Come on, sweetie,” it was almost like he read her mind, moving impossibly closer to her and setting one hand on her cheek while the other was on her waist. His brown hair looked nearly black, and the moonlight illuminated his cheekbones and every little detail on his face. He was strikingly handsome and she felt utterly helpless against him, “don’t you want that? Don’t you want to be impressive and be loved by everyone because of all that recognition you deserve? You work so hard, my dear, believe me I know… you’ll finally be who you’ve worked to be. You just have to give into me.”

She took in a breath, his eyes looked so sincere despite the lies he was spewing. There was a voice in her head telling her that there was still time, but the life he told her of was so appealing. She wanted so badly to say no, but instead, she nodded wordlessly.

Another hand came up to her opposite cheek and he pressed his lips against hers. She desperately laced her fingers with his hair, but he pulled away and grinned slyly.

“My name is Dark. Goodbye, Y/N, it was a pleasure doing business with you. See you in ten years.”

Looking back now, she knew he had been manipulating her. He was playing off of her emotions to get her to give in, and God had she been so weak. She craved this life more than anything in the world and after receiving it, it became painfully true that the grass is always greener on the other side. Y/N began to crave emotions again, she just wanted to feel and even if she was begging for jobs again, she’d change the path she had taken in a heartbeat.

However, she couldn’t change what she had done, and she had been given enough time to accept that. There would always be the feeling of regret, it was really the only thing she felt other than paranoia, but she had lived a nice life and it was time to pay for it.

She was tapping the wooden table beside her armchair, gazing at the bed of a dog that had died not too long ago. That was always her greatest fear, that she would leave someone behind when her time was up. This, however, never came up as her family practically disowned her despite everything Dark had said. They just left, for reasons she never really understood, and soon everyone else followed.

Y/N L/N lived a lonely life full of regret that would come to an end soon, one that she wished she could give back. Had the younger version of her not been so naive, maybe she wouldn’t have been in the position that she was now. A younger her was stupid and desperate to be the best at what she did, and maybe if she had waited a little bit longer she could’ve had all this without having to sell her soul. Maybe, maybe, maybe, there were too many maybe’s in Y/N’s life. She wasn’t certain of anything other than her regret anymore.

So she got up, stumbling into the bathroom and staring at her reflection in the mirror. She looked drained, a shell of her former self. In complete honesty, her former self wasn’t someone that she ever wanted to be. Desperate, lonely, and sad, God, nothing had really changed. Her eyes were just sunken in now, her hair had gone gray with stress and she was on the brink of insanity.

She stayed in the mirror for some time, waiting until a familiar heaviness settled over the air. It was dead silent and the mirror in front of her cracked, her own image distorting as shards fell into the sink.

“Long time no see,” a deep voice chuckled, placing a hand on her shoulder, “I typically don’t come back to see clients, but you’re a special case, Y/N. See, I don’t want to kill you, I want to help you break your deal.”

“What? Why?” she couldn’t see his reflection in the mirror. Her heart was racing and she wanted to run as fast as she could.

“You’re too pathetic for me to just kill. Your life has been utterly miserable up till this point and it still is.”

Then Y/N began begging, her eyes full of tears as she collapsed on her knees and pleaded with him to break her deal. He just watched silently as she sobbed violently, with no real emotion behind her crying, just desperation.

She cried for what felt like hours until loud howls and barks overpowered them. Claws were tearing into her skin, these ugly hounds ripping her apart as Dark just chuckled from above her.

“Just kidding, darling, I just wanted to see you beg. See, you’re still the pathetic, desperate bitch that you were when we first met. I’ll see you in hell, peasant,” he spat on her as she thrashed and screamed, till he disappeared without a trace and Y/N was nothing but a mangled body in her bathroom with an unknown killer.

Dark makes an excellent crossroads demon. He’s seductive, manipulative and prefers making agreements with his victims… and then you get screwed.


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