When was the first time you saw Dark Miss Melissa?

To preface that: I have to say first that I’ve only been watching Mark’s channel since around November of last year. Specifically, after Matthew Santoro deleted his gaming channel, I had looked for someone else who had played FNAF… and Markiplier was the first to come up in the search results. I shrugged and, after a little thought, decided to watch.

I immediately thought Mark was hilarious. However, I didn’t actually subscribe until late January… and I was surprised at that, because I had initially thought I already had been subscribed after watching his FNAF Let’s Plays.

The first time I saw Darkiplier? Like most newer fans, my introduction to Dark was through A Date with Markiplier. Needless to say, having been drawn in by Markiplier’s horror content to begin with, his acting skills as Dark (and how utterly seductive and terrifying Dark was) made a huge impression on me.

But it wasn’t until the release of the Outlast 2 Let’s Play episodes that I became a daily viewer of Mark’s channel. And, if I had any doubts that Dark was anything more than a fluke, I was quickly reassured by the presence of Don’t Play This Game and Markiplier TV.

I became a hardcore fan after that, and haven’t looked back.


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