Man With No Shadow


Man with no shadow

He was no longer a man.

He went to hell and back

We can never understand.

Man with no shadow

He lost his hold.

Memories with broken pasts

He took two worthy souls.

Woman in red

She lured us in.

She forgot to say goodbye

Now she is trapped within.

Man in blue

He lost control.

In the end he’s trapped inside

And will never again be whole.

Man splattered in pink

He aimed the gun.

None of us would ever guess

That he was the lost one.

Man splattered in red

He reached to help.

But in the whole process

He truly lost himself.

Man in red and white stripes

Thought it was all a game.

Until he lost his mind

He truly went insane.

Husk of a shell

Was left behind.

Left to die but stopped trying

He was left in our minds.

Viewer behind a screen

We made this true.

None of you had ever known

What tragedy they’d been through.

Because of us they

Lost their minds.

You may not think it

But t’was our fault this time.

We point

We blame.

But we guessed

Their names.

Before they told

us the truth.

They warned us, “behold

This is the future to come.”


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