Manic Markiplier‘s Pizzeria

Hello? Hello? Welcome to Manic Markiplier’s Pizzeria! You may call me The Host and I’ll be your guide as you start your new job here as the night shift security guard. As you may or may not be aware the Googleplier animatronics will tag team; attacking you and glitching out the camera system, but they are the least of your problems. Darkiplier will hide in the shadows to attack you at your weakest, while Wilford tends to go for the more violent/aggressive route. Oh, and please don’t forget about Dark Chica in the kitchen, if she isn’t feed on time she will get hungry and attack you.  Good luck  on your first couple night because these aren’t the only animatronics… more will likely appear the longer you stay. *chuckles* Have fun.

Ooh! Ooh! Can Dark be Golden Freddy??

That’s a GREAT idea Kelly! 😀

Yes! Five Nights at Markiplier’s needs to be A Thing That Exists!


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