Mark uploaded DDLC…we might have a problem fbjnfkd

Uh. this … changes everything… we know about Dark, then, does it?


I’m confuzzled. This is… 

Incoming theory!

A quick one, I promise.

There once was a man named Mark…” Either it’s Asshole Mark, or our Mark.

Whose heart had lost its spark.” Sounds like Asshole Mark at first, but remember that our Mark was exhausted there for awhile too. He had temporarily lost his creative ‘spark’.

He paid the Toll and gave up his Soul.” What toll? Well, either it’s Asshole Mark’s trying to off himself over and over, and going crazy. Or… maybe it’s this:


…a classic case of possession. Dark abandoning the broken shell He’d taken for our Mark’s stronger one. Which means…

And now he lives in the Dark.

Guys. Guys. Dudes and dudettes.

Think about what this may mean.

That may not be Mark we’re watching.


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