I really really really dislike Leaves’ Eyes with the new vocalist. Like, really. And I’m not one of those to quickly say “ this band is dead without X”, like people said about Nightwish without Tarja, I always try to give the band a second chance, but I just don’t “feel” the music anymore, I don’t connect to it, and its sad since Leaves’ Eyes is one of my favorite bands.

I’m glad it’s not just me. It was perfect when Liv Kristine was in it. Hell, she and her husband were the founding members!

But now? The new girl’s (Elina Siirala) voice isn’t bad, really. It just… isn’t interesting. The single that she did with Leaves’ Eyes (“Fires of the North” ) did not make much of an impression on me.

Mind you, I was one of those people who fought for the Nightwish fans to give Anette a chance, because I thought her voice was nice (in a way that was different from Tarja, but still complemented the music).

With Elina having replaced Liv in Leaves’ Eyes? I’m just not feeling it. But I hope the album they’ve got coming out next month will prove me wrong.


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