The fighting doesn’t just end after they come home.

Veteran Vision Project

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If you aren’t a veteran please try at least to be compassionate. You may not understand what is in the mind of the warrior, but you can hold their hand, and seek to heal their heart.

Many hands make light of a heavy load. They bore your liberty; now help bear their pain.


Speaks a thousand words

They bore your liberty; now help bear their pain.

THIS. The VA hospitals don’t do shit for our veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD. The Wounded Warrior Project is also shady AF. 

My brother is a Captain in the National Guard, my grandfather served in the Calvary in WWII, and I have an assortment of extended family who are in the FBI, CIA, police force and others. One of my mother’s cousins served in Black Ops and saw shit that nobody should ever have to see (he’s only told us what has been de-classified, of course).

These folks in uniform live in hell so the rest of us don’t have to. We should honour their commitment to protecting us by paying them back in a meaningful way. And that means doing EVERYTHING possible to heal them of the physical and mental pain they silently suffer.

Unfortunately, we’re more inclined to mourn our dead than care for our living. And that isn’t their fault… it’s ours. We need to step up and help those who would give their lives for us. It’s the very least we can do for them.

To those who have been in uniform, either on their home turf or in another place entirely, you are fucking awesome for defending the place you call home. I’m not military or a peace officer myself, so I’ll salute you with the metal horns.


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