so i was rewatching adwm, and what dark was saying struck me. i know this is dark pretending to be mark, but i can’t help but think from what we know from wkm, that perhaps dark is actually talking about wkm mark in this. or something like that.

not to mention that here, dark never states that he is mark, only that the other is dark.

This whole thing reminds me of that line in the 1991 movie Hook, where the title character (Peter Pan’s nemesis) has kidnapped the adult Peter’s children.

Hook tells the two young’uns that Mommy and Daddy read them stories at bedtime to make them fall asleep so they could have a few minutes to themselves, without the kids’ incessant demands and arguing. 

Peter’s daughter Maggie angrily calls Captain Hook a liar. His response?

“Lie? Me? Never. The truth is far too much fun.”

I think Dark would agree with that sentiment. After all, putting a spin on the truth is the best possible way to manipulate someone. Because, technically, you’re not lying but telling the truth. Just a very skewed version.

Dark isn’t lying here, especially in light of WKM. But what he’s neglecting to mention is that his opponent on our left isn’t the Markiplier of his world, but is in fact our Mark, who is innocent of any wrongdoing.


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