L̶o̵o̴k̵ ̵a̴t̸ ̷w̷h̷a̶t̷ ̵y̵o̶u̶ ̵m̶a̷d̷e̴ ̷m̷e̵ ̵d̴o̴.̷

Well, well, well. Look who’s trying to impress Me. Pity that you are a rank amateur. 

There is more to effective torture than mere bloodletting. After a sufficient amount of physical pain, a mortal becomes numb to everything and retreats into themselves, ignoring it all completely in order to survive. Their medical experts refer to this as “shock”.

The mortal may remain in that state of shock, becoming comatose, until they are either tended to by those with the knowledge to heal the damage… or they finally die from the wounds and blood loss.

Internal bleeding, too, can kill very quickly. And any bruising may mean blood vessels of sufficient size have broken to cause them to bleed on the inside.

If you continue in this manner, your captive will be dead within a week. Don’t dare to say I did not warn you.


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