Who is your favourite Markiplier ego next to Wilford and Darkiplier ?

well first off that is really well done and i applaud u on how creepy that looks ( is that yandere?)

i have to say The Host, like those Danger in Fiction sketches were the first sketches of Cyndago and Mark i had seen so yeah

I’ve always loved the host, and he is my third favorite ego, but… Let’s be honest I have a soft spot for Google and Bim Trimmer as well πŸ™‚

I also have a huge soft spot for my boy Bim!! And google too! I think he is one of the scariest egos xD

The Host is so good I love my blind boi.

But… the Survivalist, from Resident Enis will always be my fave. I love my grumpy singy son.

FNAF!Mark is my weapons-toting, guilt-ridden, traumatized son. Who also happens to sing beautifully.Β 

(And why do some fans call him Mike when his name is clearly stated as Mark in the musical? That just bugs me…)


Can we please talk more about FNAF Mark?! I really this traumatized guy xD

I love my security-guard son! He’s a stronk and (mostly) quiet boi.

And he sneaks r34l gud.

He’s such a good boy. I want to wrap him up in a quilt and feed him soup.


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