Power, ambition, extravagance, pride, independence, impatience, arrogance, apathy, gloom, mystery

Purple was also a colour reserved for nobility and royalty for thousands of years, because it was so difficult to produce purple dye.

So purple, what we consider a “girly” colour nowadays, is actually a symbol of real power. Of kings and queens, and very high-born lords and ladies. It’s a visual symbol of ultimate authority. 

And, in witchcraft and the occult, a purple aura indicates powerful psychic abilities and extra-sensory awareness. The purple gemstone amethyst is also said to boost one’s intuition and sensitivity when worn.

Pretty cool, huh?

(Side note: Amethyst is my birth stone, and the stone on my engagement ring. And my wedding dress is going to be purple. Not a soft lavender, but a strong deep purple. Purple is my fave colour and I also love the layers of meaning behind it.)


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