If Darkiplier was reaching out to you, would you help or let let him die?

You choose.

Like = Kill

Reblog = Save

I’d help. no question. 

I’d try to save him. 

And not because I’m a fan. I’m just not a killer, and it’s not my place to judge who is allowed to live and who must die.

As horrible as Dark might be, I’d rather show mercy than ignore a genuine plea for help. Let whatever Powers That Be decide what happens after that.

That’s just what I believe. Mercy is more important than vengeance.

It’s also courtesy of having grown up in a Methodist church, and having read the Bible regularly as a kid. “Go forth and sin no more” was an oft-repeated line when talking about Jesus’ miracles. He would show mercy towards sinners (ie. people who might have done some truly terrible things), cure them of whatever sickness of body or mind they had, and then tell them “Go forth and sin no more.”

He’d help them, then let them go on with their lives. And, as they walked away, just basically calling after them, “And try not to be a dick this time!

Though I don’t consider myself a Christian anymore, I still think Jesus was a pretty cool guy. The best prophets and messengers – of any religion or faith – preferred to act with mercy rather than violence, and abhorred apathy. They definitely DID get angry from time to time, but they acted with restraint and dignity, and they tried to show EVERYONE kindness. Whether it was deserved or not.

I aspire to be that good of a person. I know I never will be perfect, but neither were any of them, either. They were people who had something they believed and wanted to make the world better.

And you can’t do that by ignoring a cry for help.

…Sorry for getting a little deep, there. But that’s just my take in general. 


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