Credit: Ashley McMinn

I wish someone had told me all these things when I was a confused, hurting teenager, so I am sharing them now. I hope they help someone the way they could have helped me.

I know there are quite a few young people with abusive and/or manipulative parents who desperately need to see this. I can also remember being one of them, and how fortunate I was that my mom did all she could to protect me from my stepfather’s abuse. And how sad it truly is that I’m one of the so-called “lucky” ones, because I wasn’t abused or neglected by both.

Please know that you are loved. I love you guys, and if you need a kind of foster mother or big sister to give you the love and support you absolutely deserve, I’m here for you. I’m more than happy to be that, because we all need to be loved. It’s how we grow and prosper as human beings.

So, please don’t be afraid to talk to me. You’re not wasting my time or annoying me by asking me to talk with you. I like being there for people, and I will do whatever’s in my power to ease your pain. Even if it’s just to listen.

You are not alone. You are never alone.


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