The Colbert Report 11.19.14

You see how she explained how race is a social construct (it is) while ALSO SAYING THAT RACISM EXISTS AND IS FUCKED UP? You see how she did that? Don’t mistake this for colorblindness because it clearly isn’t.

Toni Morrison breaks it down. 

There has always been one single race. What shade your skin color is does not define your race. Your race is human.

The fact that racism still exists in reality now in 2018 is the most fucked up thing about our culture. People can come from different ethnic backgrounds, but there’s only one extant race: homo sapien sapiens, aka modern humans.

If homo sapien


still existed, then there’d be two races and it wouldn’t be just a social construct. But they interbred with our race over 40,000 years ago, effectively dying out and leaving just us.

Incidentally, that happened in Europe. That’s right. Primitive man and modern man once coexisted in the European continent for about 5000 years, and modern man first came out of Africa. So, the so-called “studies” that treat those originating from the African continent as a throwback to our Neanderthal predecessors is pure 100% Grade-A horse manure propagated by those who stand to gain something (ie. wealth and status) from keeping up the myth that blacks are inherently inferior.

ALL modern studies since then have long disproven those old biases of an “inferior” race. There is literally a minimal genetic difference between us. Your skin colour only exists because of where your ancestors once lived a hundred years or so ago and who they’ve mingled their DNA with since, and your tint alters further as a result of your own direct exposure to sunlight.

Which is why I’m a lovely shade of #ffffff, even though I’m of Mediterranean (Italian) descent. And my very dark-skinned fiancé

has Cherokee as well as African blood in his veins.


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