Good on the company for correcting your mistakes. A girl should get a girl ring, and a boy should get a boy ring. They did the right thing fixing your mistake and putting your birth name. Its your real name after all. Alex is just something you made it.


As a woman who likes stereotypically “masculine” things and was referred to as a tomboy for most of my life, you can just fuck right the hell off, Anon.

Alex paid for a specific design, and received the wrong one. That’s a mistake by the company, and any company worth its salt has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER in making judgment calls regarding their customers. In fact, it can be grounds for a lawsuit, specifically for false advertising and discrimination.

If you PAID GOOD MONEY for a thing and was sent the completely wrong item, you’d be pissed. And you’d have a right to be. Why? BECAUSE IT’S YOUR MONEY.

As a side note? My engagement ring isn’t the delicate style one associates with women’s engagement rings. No, it’s a thick band with a large amethyst soldered on, and it could knock your front teeth out if I take a swing at you. That was the design I wanted, and the jeweler I worked with put together exactly what I wanted for what we paid her. Why? It’s called BEING PROFESSIONAL.

Did you pay for Alex’s ring? No. Do you work for the company? No. So shut the fuck up, Anon, because you have nothing to do with any of this.

Using a tiny piece of metal as an excuse to bully Alex shows what a moron you are. Alex filled out an order form with specific instructions and paid the money for it, so Alex should get the class ring he ordered. Full stop.


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