Hello! Can I get a Mark & Little Sister! Teenager! Reader where the Reader is a YouTuber like Mark (him having started the blog for her), and she is playing a fanmade game made for her during a live stream. She breaks down because the game touches on some sensitive topics (like her feeling incompetent to Mark, their father, bullying, and her atypical absence epilepsy). Mark, who had been watching, comes over, and they have a heart to heart? If this is too specific, then I apologize!

This is a very interesting prompt. I’m guessing you were inspired by watching Mark’s play-through of Hearts & Heroes?

I like the idea of the little sister character, struggling with living in Mark’s shadow, dealing with bullying, coping with the death of Mr. Fischbach due to cancer, and having to deal with her own health issues. 

I had to look up the medical term you gave (”atypical absence epilepsy”) for that last one, and I came up with material about “petit mal” seizures. I hope that means I’m on the right track with that. I’ll have to do more research on the topic of epilepsy before I really get started on this prompt, because I want my portrayal of it (however that shakes out) to be as accurate as possible.

It’s gonna take me a little time to put it together, but I just wanted you to know that I saw your ask and I’m definitely interested! 😀


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