Favourite Evanescence song from each major album. Aaaand go!

Mine would be: from Fallen, definitely Tourniquet; from The Open Door, Lithium (though Weight Of The World comes a close second); from the self titled, it’s a toss up between Made Of Stone, New Way To Bleed, and Say You Will.

Origin (2000): It’s a tossup between Field of Innocence and Eternal.

Fallen (2003): Tourniquet. No contest; it’s definitely the strongest song on the album, and it’s a shame it didn’t become a single in its own right.

The Open Door (2006): All That I’m Living For. Unfortunately, it’s a tough choice for me, because I consider TOD their weakest album (production-wise, as the writing is still pretty strong). I love the acoustic recordings from the AOL sessions, though.

Evanescence (2011): Three-way tie between The Change, Lost in Paradise and Sick. Amy’s vocals are at their best on this album, and the band’s solid, so it’s tough to choose. This album was DEFINITELY worth the five-year wait after TOD.

Continuing from the above, here’s my favourites from Evanescence’s more recent releases:

Lost Whispers b-sides compilation (2016): Farther Away. That heavy tribal drumming gets me every time. I loved it back in 2004 when I first heard Rocky kick off the live performance on “Anywhere But Home”, and I still love it just as much now. I’ve also grown to love Disappear now, even though I had all but ignored it when their self-titled album was released back in 2011.

Synthesis (2017): It probably goes without saying that Imperfection is an amazing track, but I also love how the instrumental The In-Between ramps up the drama into the beginning of it. This album also gave me a new appreciation for their older songs, especially Imaginary and My Heart is Broken.


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