I might get hate for this…

But not everything is Anti related. Don’t get me wrong, I love theorizing as well, but when it gets to the point that @pixlpit can’t just wear a shirt without everyone over analyzing it that’s where it gets a bit much.

He was wearing the shirt to support Seán and everyone went nuts spam commenting to him about Anti, and theorizing on Instagram to the point where he had to clarify that it was just him wearing a shirt. He even mentioned he wouldn’t wear it again.

That sucks that he feels he can’t wear the shirt in fear of people over analyzing the situation.

Theorize as you please, but also be mindful that sometimes a shirt is just a shirt and also just to add, sometimes Seán reblogging Anti art may just because he likes the art. Not everything is a conspiracy.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day! <3


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