I blame the groundsman, dude’s shady af. He just let his good buddy the chef work in an evil possessed house that whole time.


I KNOW!!! This dude is the real villain. Imagine letting us, Damien, the Detective, Colonel, or ANYONE just walk right into that house knowing full well that it meant their demise. If I knew what he knew, I’d be standing in the drive, waving my arms like a lunatic telling people to turn around and go back. Instead, he’s just doing his thing, digging freaking holes in the ground.

He only tells them AFTER they’ve been in the house that they’re all doomed/cursed/whatever. Which is, in fact, not very helpful at that point!

Or better yet, why didn’t he just burn the place down? He’s super shady. #blameGeorge

Y’know, Reverse, when you’re right, you’re right.

And you’re right. George is shady for not trying to warn people. 

Think of how interesting it would’ve been if there’s a crotchety groundskeeper raving about a demonic presence in the house. Everybody ignores him, because they think it’s just superstitious rambling from an old guy who’s probably senile. “That’s just George,” they say. “He’s weird but harmless. Plus, he makes those flower beds look really nice.”

And then… shit hits the fan, and everybody realizes George was right. And they need to know whatever he knows if they have a shot of making it out alive.

That would be SO COOL!!! 😀


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