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This has nothing to do with whatever Mark said in his live stream. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t watch it. Just in general…

You can’t tell a creator what to do with their character. That’s not how any of this works. That’s not how it ever has worked. Headcanons and AUs are there so you can mess with a character someone else has made, but the truth is, as soon as you touch that character, you’ve made someone entirely new because no matter who you are, you will never be able to write that character the same way the creator will. Even if you aren’t putting your own headcanons into that character.

Maybe it’s because this is YouTube and it feels less professional than published books or TV shows, maybe fandom on other platforms do this too. I don’t know. I haven’t spent enough time anywhere else to speak for it, but creators don’t owe you anything. Damien isn’t yours. Neither is Warfstache or Darkiplier or The Host. Anti. He’s kinda yours. Being a creator- using other peoples’ characters- means creating things that are wrong. It’s just part of the package deal. In any fandom. By all means keep doing it, but what you make is probably not 100% accurate. And it definitely isn’t if you’re putting things into that character that were never specified. That’s just how it works.

Go ahead and write and draw a character however you want. Just know that everything is technically “ooc” Because the only person who can make a character “in character” is the creator. And they don’t owe you anything.

You can have all the headcanons you want, but they’re not canon. Canon is whatever the creator wants it to be.

If you don’t like the canon, you can totally write fix-it fic or come up with an alternate timeline where X Thing You Hated didn’t happen.

As long as you respect the creators’ work, it’s all good. But don’t fight them on what “should” be canon. That’s a fight you will lose.

@melissatreglia But isn’t “canon” also what the fans will accept from the author?

Like take the JKR stuff… the fans have practically turned the Cursed Child into an author written fan fic; it’s treated like it’s just so impossible that it could be in the same universe as her other works. Take how Anne Rice has treated her fans, alienating them to the extent most people I know would never admit to being more than casual fans of the movies.

And within there being a “canon” created by the author, isn’t that also accepted on the premise that yes, as fans, there will always be a loud group demanding change in a story, but most will just write/draw fix-it things? Further blurring the lines is something like Mark’s done because before 2017-ish, there was only a vague canon of who these characters were, often times (seemingly) taking inspiration from fan made things; which would mean that Mark is just the largest creator, not the only creator, correct?

The version of Darkiplier that is canon is Mark’s version. In February 2017, he showed his acceptance of Darkiplier as a canon character after shying away for so long. And the reason he avoided Dark in the first place was because the fans were romanticizing the character. Something that Mark didn’t want.

The fans named the character, but Mark created him with his early creepy videos like “Raspy Hill” and “Don’t Move”. Granted, Darkiplier wasn’t much of a character at that point, as he was created specifically to provoke some scares, but he WAS Mark’s creation.

Then, when fans named the character and began romanticizing him, Mark shied away from his creation… choosing to mock the fandom’s perception of the character, before FINALLY giving Darkiplier a backstory and motives throughout 2017. And now we have ADWM, Markiplier TV, WKM and other videos to enjoy that help us in getting to know the character a little better.

Fans can choose not to accept the canon they’re given, but canon is the source material – the actual media itself (videos, audio, books, etc.) that the author created. “Fanon” is what’s commonly accepted as the story’s reality among the fans. Then there’s the headcanons of each individual fan, fleshing things out even further.

Fanon is the HP fandom’s disavowal of the Cursed Child, and interpreting it as an AU or “author fanfic”. Canon INCLUDES the Cursed Child, like it or not.

That’s the difference.

Incidentally, the name “Darkiplier” itself was fanon that became canon thanks to the creator’s acceptance of that name for the character. Fanon can become canon if the creator wills it, but canon cannot become fanon. (It can be retconned by its creator, however, which is a WHOLE other topic of discussion.)


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