I so desperately needed to hear this today, @markiplier. I’m a very creative person who’s been struggling financially and health-wise, and it’s sometimes tough to keep going when there’s so many obstacles in my path. Some days, you need all the encouragement you can get just to take another step forward.

Even though I’m six years older than you, I nonetheless find myself looking up to you as an example of what I could do for myself. I’ve gone back into your older videos and heard, in your own words, how you’ve suffered, and how you’ve struggled – every pain, every loss, every illness – and I’m sure it must make the victory of being able to do what you love for a living all the sweeter.

And you’ve never complained about your lot in life, like so many others would and have done. You’ve only expressed your desire to do some good and leave the world a happier place than it was when you first arrived.

I’m not saying you’re perfect. No one is. But your striving towards such a goal shows what a fundamentally kind-hearted and empathetic person you are.

Thank you, Mark, for being a ray of hope in a cold and broken world. One day, I will hug you and express my admiration and gratitude in person. But until then, this comment must suffice.

Thank you, Mark, for being you.


One of your many fans


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