hey demons it’s ya boy back at it again with another depressive episode -🌟

I’m sorry to hear that, star nonny. Depressive episodes suck. You deserve All The Hugs for being strong enough to live with it.

If the sun’s still up where you live, try to go out into it for about 15 minutes. Sunlight makes your body synthesise Vitamin K, which can help take the edge off a depressive mood.Β 

If it’s already after dark, treat yourself to some hot chamomile tea with honey or a hot cocoa. It’ll warm you up inside, which also helps as a mood booster.Β 

Watch the vids that normally make you laugh and/or feel good. Listen to your favourite music. Open a notebook and write your thoughts down for three pages (about 750 words), so you can purge those negative, racing thoughts from your mind.


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