Okay, I sieriosly doubt that Robin and Jack chose random numbers for the frequency of the Morse code-

I think we might need to figure out what “8250” is connected to

@fear-is-nameless @kasper-the-ghost

@osukixd decoded it and it says “Where am I” Guys! Freak out!

That’s the Morse code- not the frequency the Morse code was on

Did he listen to that station? Wasn’t that one of the random ones he listened to quick about how the things were moving or it was spreading?

Maybe “8250” backwards its like “0528” like 28 the 5th? Could it be like a date or something tho??…

Idk, i’m not good at this 😂

Sorry if i am wrong, this souds stupid and way too basic

@kasper-the-ghost @loucid-lines

No, sometimes the most basic things are the answers. He likes to make things seem complicated but they’re really very easy


You mean like… 28th of May?

Or it’s completely straight-forward… as August 25th.


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