New original 3D animated movie: Ducks.
The secret life of ducks when humans aren’t looking.

Whenever ducks fly south in the winter, they’re actually flying to a big city of ducks where they talk and have jobs and have traffic lights with pictures of ducks in them and every billboard and storefront is a bird pun.

A generic duck guy is a young adult who feels inadequate because his dad is a big broker in the bread stock exchange.

He accidentally reveals the secret life of ducks to a human child, and now he must take her south with him to duck city. On the way they get into hijinks and find out about a big duck conspiracy or something.

I was thinking at first this was an actual movie

It will be if you just give me 3 years and $150,000,000

How many times would “duck” be confused between the physical action and the animal in question?

12 times for comedic effect. 1 time used ironically in a sad moment in the end of act II. And 1 time in the last act when the protagonist has to say something badass when he defeats the bad guy.


This winter, ditch the binoculars and rediscover bird-watching with the hot new movie…….DUCK!!!! 

If this post gets 100,000 notes I’ll start working on the script.

Well then…

Let’s get to work.

Without further ado, and over a year in the making:

The final draft of the script


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