every culture has a little dish that just translates to “we threw everything into that fucking pot we’re poor”

Funny enough, shrimp and grits used to be that dish, and then folks who live far from the ocean decided that shrimp was a delicacy and should be expensive and now shrimp and grits isn’t that dish any more.

Same with lobsters here. They used to be poor people’s food. People would till them into the soil for fertilizer. Not anymore.

Yup. Lobster used to be considered just a half a step above cockroaches. People facing execution would request as their last meal “anything but f***ing lobster.” But it cost money to get it inland, and rich people who didn’t live on the shore decided that it must be fancy because of the cost, and now even people living in historic lobster-fishing areas can’t always afford it.

Capitalism Ruined Good Food: A MasterPost.

Capitalism can’t take away my baked beans and hotdogs, or as my mother so eloquently called it “poverty stew”

Pasta (in its varying forms) was – and still is – a dish meant for poor Italians. So was pizza and tiramisu. Really, any Italian dish brought to the U.S. was introduced here by poor Italians.

And now they’re made with shoddy-quality ingredients by people who don’t have an Italian bone in their bodies for rich people who have no taste, but will buy something if the price is high enough.

Seriously. You can make enough tomato gravy to last you a few weeks if you have $10 to spare at the grocer’s and a big enough pot, and you can get two pounds of pasta for just a buck at Dollar Tree. But chic five-star restaurants here in the States will sell a plate of spaghetti for as much as $2000!! That’s both cultural appropriation and goddamn highway robbery, all in one fell swoop!

Fuck Capitalism. It’s the Roman Empire of political/economic systems. Or like the Borg. Which is pretty much the same thing, just a few thousand years apart.


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