Stop scrolling. Read this. Remember this.

If you can’t take it from him, take it from a survivor like me. These are REAL words.

Easy for you to say, Mark. You have thousands of dollars in the bank and a stable, fun, job. Your basically a celebrity. Millions of fans would die for you. For some people like me who have been to a low place in my life where I wanted to end it, sometimes life isn’t fair. It was fair to you, it certainly wasn’t fair to me. So telling people like us who live shit lives, and will never benefit or make any difference to the world that life is worth living, makes no sense. 

It may be hard to imagine but I have been at that low point too. It’s true, I do have a wonderful job and a comfortable life but before that came the dark times. I remember lying in a hospital bed and staring up at the ceiling and just wondering “WHY.” I had just had a tumor removed, was in thousands of dollars of debt, exited an abusive relationship, and lost my job with only my mom’s basement to look forward to. And while my story may not be as low as many others have been, I’m living proof that you can pull yourself out of the darkness. You just have to believe that the future can be better. ALWAYS believe.

And this is why you never accuse someone of having a perfect life. You never know what another person has been through, no matter how wonderful their life seems.

(Based on a quote by Ian MacLaren.)

We all have our low points, we all have our private pain. Mark may look like he has the perfect life… but he doesn’t. No one does. He’s endured poverty, illness and loss just like many of us have. Those experiences are a part of being human. And, like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Because there’s not just pain in this life. There is joy as well. Don’t give up. Hold on to the things that make you happy, and the people who love you. That will see you through the rougher parts.

After all…

(Based on a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt.)


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