It’s only a day into pri/de mon/th and I’ve already seen so many posts on different places saying a/ce and no/nbin/ary people don’t belong in the community. I’m already struggling with the will to live and knowing the one community that’s supposed to be there for me doesn’t want me just makes me want to do nothing more than crawl into a hole and die even more.

Honey, you BELONG here. And some folks who’ve got some sour grapes doesn’t change that.

There’s always gonna be people telling you what they think you should be. The ones that matter appreciate you as you are, and not what they want you to be. And we’re everywhere, but it can be hard to tell sometimes with the noise and distractions the naysayers make.

The people who say ace/nonbinary people don’t belong are in the minority. They have to be loud about their opinions, because they know most don’t agree with their attitude. They’re overcompensating for a lack in their lives by knocking others down.

Don’t listen to them. You know who you are, and nothing will change that.

Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, body size, skin colour, religious creed, etc. we all have a place in the world. The ones who don’t accept that the world belongs to all of us, they will be the ones who get left behind. They’ll miss out on some friendships with some amazing people.

And you are amazing, just for being yourself when others are telling you what you are is wrong. Just remember: You’re not the one who’s wrong. THEY are.


And to all my LGBT+ folk who are Completely Missing the Point of Pride Month:

Being marginalised doesn’t give you the right to marginalise others. You don’t need to tear others down to make yourself look better. You just end up looking like a dick when you do that.

When you don’t “fit in” to what society claims is “normal”, you should band together and lift each other up. That’s what makes a community strong – supporting those who need it most.

Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, questioning, asexual, or anything else on the gender and sexuality spectrums… we’re all human. And that’s all that really matters.

Pride Month is about expressing love for humanity in EVERY form it takes. So show some love for our ace and nonbinary pals too. Don’t leave anyone out in the cold.


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