you’re such a mom but like without the binding authoritive figure. i keep thinking “I’ll ask fandom gramma about this” then I remember you prolly don’t know anything about x or y, but like i need some Mom Advice(tm) -🌟

Aww, that’s so sweet that you think of me, star nonny. 🙂


Honestly, the “fandom grandma” thing initially started because having so many teenagers in the fandom makes me feel old, sometimes. But, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started making cracks about my age.

Now it’s kinda it’s own thing. Which is good. 

I am very maternal by nature. However, I really don’t want to be seen as an authority figure in the fandom (that’s too lofty and restricting a position to be in). But I do want to provide folks with comfort when they need it. Just like going over to grandma’s when you need a little TLC. Plus, I’ve already got the ornery old lady ‘tude down pat. 😉

And you’d be surprised about how much knowledge I’ve got stored away in my brain. But if you’re literally solving for x, you’re on your own. I loathe algebra.

Long story short, I’m always available for hugs and encouragement to go with those cookies! 😀


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