Dear Fanfiction Readers,

If you’re afraid to leave a review/comment because you think it’ll sound stupid, don’t be. Just leave an incoherent reply in all caps. We love that shit.


A Fic Writer that needs constant validation. 

P.S. Even if it’s just “I loved it!” we will be thrilled that you took time out of your day to let us know!

Omg!!! So true! Because, sharing your writing is possibly one of the most vulnerable positions you can put yourself in! You’re constantly second guessing and thinking things like: “Wow! I shouldn’t even be allowed a pen and paper. I’m the worst writer in the history of writers.”

So, getting ANY comment is pretty much the best thing ever!

This! And like quoting back a line from our story that you liked is like fucking crack to us!

Exactly! Keyboard smashes, emojis/emoticons, pulling quotes out and ALLCAPS mean the world to us!

We’re writers, we’re trained in the way of wording. We’ll understand you just fine. 😀

(Plus, I’ve done the same before when I’m overcome by the squee. So I know what you mean when you go SHFC:LFSLDLDSLHVHLD!!!1~~~~~.)


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