Why are wedding photo/videos so damn expensive?!

I mean, seriously! A national average of about $2k for what’s essentially a highlights reel? And some of the local photogs whose packages I just looked at are as much as $4k! Are you shitting me?!

I knew this is the one area where’d we’d have to splurge a little. But Jesus! We’re not made out of money!!!

Pro-tip for life: If you’re gonna get married and want it recorded for posterity, either make sure you have plenty of money saved up for something like that… or definitely marry someone who’s got a pro protographer in their family.

Just… holy crap, man. *sigh* Hopefully. I’ll find someone I can bargain with. I mean, it’s not like it’s gonna be a long ceremony/reception. There’s nothing fancy going on, and we’re not gonna draw that shit out longer than it needs to be. So, maybe that’ll mean we can get a lower price tag from… well, somebody who’s a decent sort.

Just… fuck. That knocked me for a loop today. :/


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