Speaking of pride month, I’m extremely confused?? It’s odd because I see myself as straight, but I still develop crushes on girls and people of other or no genders as well. Ahh :( – nervous anon

Hey, nervous nonny! I haven’t heard from you in awhile. How’ve you been, my bean?


You might be panromantic or pansexual, depending on whether your crush is influenced more by romantic feelings or sexual attraction (pan- being a Greek prefix meaning “all”).

Yes, you can be pan with a preference for the opposite sex. Human sexuality isn’t an either/or choice, but a continuum. You could literally be anything, in that sense. But the only person who can answer that for sure is you.

And you probably see yourself as straight, because that’s what society generally considers “normal”. It can be difficult to break through the mental barriers imposed on us by the influences that surround us, and to learn to see ourselves as something unique and special rather than an aberration that needs to be corrected.

So whatever you prefer, remember that what you call yourself isn’t as important as having healthy attachments to the people you’re interested in. Regardless of their gender. 🙂


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