🤔 It’s like so weird how I’m gonna physically murder YouTube

YouTube under fire over ‘homophobic’ adverts potentially targeting LGBT YouTubers

on android there’s apparently newpipe that you can try. it’s an open source youtube app w no ads, popout mode, etc

also you can tweet YouTube that they’re shit and also remember that they’re basically not only allowing this situation but causing it w the repercussions of demonetizing lgbt content

and also, if you wanna, try and report those videos idk if that just gets them clicks tho honestly so 🤷

Finally a site that isn’t an explicitly lgbt news site has an article:

YouTube Is Currently Running “Anti-LGBT” Ads On Creator Content

oh for fucks sake


Doin’ my part for Pride Month. Maybe, if they get enough tweets about it, they’ll pay attention.

It’s especially galling because Youtube has Pride Month stuff splashed all over their twitter account. They’re paying lip service to LGBT+ support, but aren’t showing it by refusing the money from the anti-gay ads.

You know why? Because all they REALLY care about is money. So, vote with your views, kids. Make good use of your adblockers till they pull those ads.


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