On vaccines and herd immunity.

Some idiot on Youtube responded to a comment I made on the “9 Scientific Theories that Hurt Humanity” video with this:

If you think “herd immunity” is a good thing you know nothing about how to actually have a healthy immune system. Do things naturally, we do not need vaccines to be healthy. Thank plumbing for getting rid of all those diseases, because that is what the whole world needs, not a quick fix for sick people.

Want to see what I said? Of course you do, because you love when I get in Epic Smackdown Mode. Strap in and enjoy.

How do you think we got rid of polio and smallpox, then, as well as reducing outbreaks of TB and the swine/bird/Spanish flu? It was the vaccines. And vaccines are hardly a “quick fix,” they slowly help build up a person’s immunity to a particular strain of a virus under controlled dosages of a dead virus. You’re still healthy because of the herd immunity of multiple other people that surround you. More vaccinated people == less of an opportunity for infection. 

Also, I don’t “know” how to have a healthy immune system because I’m chronically ill, too ill to take the vaccines myself because my immune system is virtually non-existent. So, yes, the herd immunity of others protects me and other chronically ill folks too. (And way to be an ableist jerk, friendo. You may be lucky enough to have a strong immune system, but not everybody is.) 

Doing things “natural”, huh? You do realize viruses are natural? And so are disease-ridden insects, and living in your own filth. 

Plumbing is a human invention that’s existed since the Roman Empire. Developing resistance to disease through limited exposure has been around even longer. That’s how humans developed the ability to kiss, for example. Sharing each other’s germs from a natural orifice that’s dirtier than toilet water is a form of evolutionary inoculation. Directly injecting dead forms of a virus is just humanity helping itself up a few stages. 

Unless you’d like to go back to the time when the average life expectancy was somewhere in the mid-30s. Because that was natural too. 

You can expect to live until at least your 70s, thanks to all the advances in medicine… Including the vaccinations you had when you were just a few months old, the occasional jab you take to ward off tetanus when you’ve accidentally cut yourself on something metallic, and the anti-bacterial handwash doctors use to avoid spreading infections when they examine your mouth to see if you’ve got signs of a cold virus in there. 

All of which are about a century old at best, but you enjoy their results every day, knowing you exist in a cleaner and healthier environment than your short-lived ancestors. And that all exists so you can live long enough to be smug about how healthy you are and don’t “need” those things. 

Try doing some REAL research for once in your life. If you’re healthy enough to bitch about how vaccines don’t do anything, then you’re healthy enough to take them.


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