Mark’s latest scripts.

Okay, I just started watching the Amnesia: Revisited livestream Mark recorded on Saturday and, right at the beginning of the vid, he mentions he has been working on three different scripts for awhile and actually completed two at the point of the livestream.

One is a 19-page script, another is even shorter, and the last one is a WIP he estimates will be about 220+ pages long upon completion. They’re “in the same vein” as WKM, and may be part of the ever-expanding universe of his channel’s lore. 

Incidentally, if you’re not familiar with screenwriting, one page equals to about a minute of screentime, on average. So we’re in for a short film, a quickie video, and A VISUAL OPUS THAT COULD BE LONGER THAN THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING.

I greatly admire Mark’s ambition, and am so happy for him that he’s doing something he truly loves. I look forward to seeing the stories he wants to tell, how he’s learned from WKM and how he’s grown in his technique and skills. (No pressure here, dude. I know how hard writing is, myself. Take as long as you need.)


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