BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

Oh, wow! You flatter me! I’m so glad seeing my posts makes your day.

CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie 

I don’t know who you are right now ‘cos you’re anonymous, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be (or aren’t) buds, my shy compadre.

TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic

I… didn’t think I had one? Visually, I just kinda slap together whatever I think looks good at the time. But mostly, I love purple. It’s my fave colour, but I also like reds and blues. Y’know, primary colours and dark shades. 🙂

(Small wonder I dig Dark’s aesthetic so much. He’s basically made up of my favourite colours.)

PLUM = I’d like to chat with you

Aww… I love chatting with folks too. Granted, as of late, I haven’t been able to devote much time to the people I want to talk to. But that’s the way it goes sometimes… IRL always gets in the way of the fun stuff.

I’m planning my wedding. It’s a huge undertaking, even if you prefer the lowkey kinda stuff like I do (and we’re going for a party/casual atmosphere with our closest friends and family). IT’S YUUUUGE, I tell ya! Thank god we’re halfway there. Late October, we’ll tie the knot and, sometime in November or December, I’ll be chillin’ with my man on our honeymoon. 😀

Long story short, don’t put yourself through the stress of getting married unless you’re ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to be with your S/O. The planning stage is a headache and a half.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining, and I kinda am… ‘cos I miss my Tumblr peeps! I miss you guys!

(Also, I’m still on my derpy little notebook. Trying to pay for a wedding and saving up for a new comp at the same time is no bueno.)

TIMBERWOLF = I trust you

Now, honestly, that’s the truest and kindest compliment anyone can pay me. Trust is the most important gift anyone can give… and I want to be worthy of your trust.

SAFFRON = I love your ideas

Thank you so much! I love sharing my ideas, so it’s win/win!

MAUVE = You are really talented

You’re making me blush over here. 😀

FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold

D’awww, you’re giving me all the warm fuzzies, nonny!

RAZZMATAZZ = I would share my favorite food with you

Are you Italian by any chance? Because that’s a pretty big deal for my people! In fact, in my house, we have a saying, “Food is love.” Basically, the people you’re most devoted to, you’ll make sure they never go hungry.

hence why Italian moms and grandmoms cook enough to feed an army. 


But anyways, you totally made my night with this little note. Thank you! 😀


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